The Lace Trend: How To Wear It

Published: 11th January 2010
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Lace is one of the hottest fashion trends going into 2010, but figuring out how to wear it well can be quite the challenge. Traditionally lace has been the hallmark of things like wedding dresses, widow's veils, and the like, but as a fashion trend it can be something truly special and alluring when you know how to match it up with the rest of your wardrobe.

Not too much, not too little

The key to wearing lace well is to strike a balance in the amount you wear; you don't want to wear too much and you don't want to wear too little, either. For instance, a great pair of lace tights can add a sexy feel to just about any outfit, but don't overdo it by wearing other lace-trimmed pieces at the same time. The classic lace camisole is another perfect example; wear it peeking out from underneath a blouse or a blazer to create a flash of allure without looking like a doily your grandmother crocheted in her youth.

Quality matters

Just as cheap quality clothing hardly ever fits correctly, neither does cheap quality lace look (or feel) quite right. Be careful of lace which is itchy and stiff or the patterns are too bold and old fashioned looking. Opt instead for lace with a more delicate pattern and a silkier feel; you'll be more comfortable wearing it and he'll find it much more interesting to glimpse and enjoy. Remember, lace has the unique ability to both allow a peek at your bare skin while at the same time offering some skin coverage, so when you choose good quality lace you get the best of both worlds.

Choose your colours carefully

Traditional white or cream coloured lace looks great on a wedding dress or a christening gown, but for your wardrobe it is better to stick with darker colours that look less pasty and pastel. A lovely chocolate brown, charcoal, rich navy, or coal black are all great choices that will serve you well. Be a bit cautious with too much black, though, so you don't end up looking like a widow or person in mourning. The exception to these darker colours would be in the spring or summer when the fabrics are light and gauzy; this is when wearing lighter shades of lace with very dainty, feminine patterns is good.

All you need to know is that with lace you need to keep it simple and high quality for the best and most effective look.


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